Excelsior House Hotel

Welcome to The Excelsior House Hotel in Jefferson, Texas

Step back in history…

The Excelsior House Hotel — the oldest hotel in Texas — welcomes you as it has welcomed travelers since 1858. Famous people registered at the Excelsior House include Ulysses S. Grant, Oscar Wilde, Rutherford B. Hayes and Lady Bird Johnson to name a few. Southern charm graces this historic hotel with rich rosewood, cherry, and mahogany furnishings. Constructed of brick and timber, with lacy iron work gallery, the Excelsior House has become an antique lover’s delight. Try something different and live your life to the fullest by experiencing a vacation, wedding or honeymoon at our hotel. You will experience superb southern hospitality in downtown Historic Jefferson, Texas. Today, with the beautifully appointed ballroom and dining room and the manicured grounds, the hotel excels in southern elegance and taste, including the World Famous Orange Blossom Muffins served on the weekends at breakfast.


Which is the oldest hotel in Texas? The Excelsior in Jefferson or the Menger in San Antonio? TEXAS MONTHLY answers this question in a wonderful column by the Texanist. (Illustration by Zohar Lazar)  Spoiler alert – It’s Excelsior House Hotel!!!

Historic Elegance, Intrigue and More

Follow Bob Mauldin (Television series Expedition Texas) in his four part series as he visits Jefferson. Here in part 2 he interviews Laura Miller about the Excelsior Hotel.
(Courtesy: Expedition Texas, http://www.expeditiontexas.tv/episode_603/)